House Families


Our House families have been established for about 7 years and our children at the time voted to name the houses after local parks. Every child and most staff are members, apart from Mrs MacAlister and Mr Malloch who coordinate the events.

The Staff and Learners of St Francis’ will experience a sense of belonging through membership of a house family. Each child will be given the opportunity to contribute to a team event and/or represent their family within an encouraging and nurturing environment.

• Mr Malloch and Mrs MacAlister will co-ordinate the events across the school year.
• Events will be planned across the year to encourage attainment and achievement and a trophy will be allocated to each event with an appropriately matched reward
• At the beginning of each academic session House and Vice Captains will be appointed through a selection process
• Each child and member of staff will belong to a house and siblings joining the school will be allocated the same house during the enrolment process
• The school administrator should ensure there is an even allocation of membership across the houses.
• P1 children will receive a house PE bag and water bottle and will be allocated a house buddy at induction days
• All children will be given a house badge to wear and these will be replenished as and when required.
• Staff should encourage children to wear house colours for planned events and PE lessons
• Staff will reward children for positive behaviour through house points and these are shared on a weekly basis with a shield presented to the house with the most points at the end of the academic session.

Support and Intervention
• Staff allocated to each house to support House Captains with meetings
• Success criteria created for each event
• Support given to children as required to ensure participation of all at events

• House water bottles replenished annually
• House buttons replaced as required
• Gifting of house PE bags for P1 on an annual basis
• Allocation of funding for house rewards
• Allocation of funding for annual engraving of trophies
• House Mascots, flags and benches replaced as required

Our House System will be reviewed by the learners and staff after each event and by, parents and partnerships through the annual school improvement cycle.

Tackling Technology

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